200 Gallon Black Arowana Tank Mates

200 Gallon Black Arowana Tank Mates Arowanaclub Canada
Your water looks perfectly clear and your tank decor has a classic look。 Nice use of tiles on the floor of the tank。 You look set to raise a stunning fish。
Thanks so much guys nice to hear, The water is clear as I am running a FX5 on the 200 gallon and thats it plus probably not too over stocked lol。 That Aro will be this tanks main fish,成都银龙苗多少钱一条 with some friends lol。 And the tile is new。。。。 AND I LOVE IT。 looks clean and modern。 I dont think I would like it on my 220 as i keep Driftwood Cats along with 2 huge Channa, I feel a more natural look is best for those fish。 Where the Black Aro and P bass seem to look nice in the tank with tile
Lovin the tiles,200 Gallon Black Arowana Tank Mates nice black aro。 Likin the setup
Thanks , tiles are a new look for me as well and so far I love it lol as for the Aro I have been really enjoying doing his tank and watching him grow
Yeah blacks are great。 Miss mine。
Yeah I bet how big was yours last going off ? they grow at a decent sped Im finding
I actually got him when I was just 17 or so。 I never knew much about fish keeping。 I thought my 90 gallon wAs the big boy on the scene。 He grew fast to 12 inches。 I also fed him mostly live food。 Hahah being young and naive。 I sold him after he started jumping a lot, and when I heard they need a 200 plus gallon tank。
Great fish though I may add。 I would never consider owning a silver。。。。。 But a black I am sure I will own one again one day
Yeah they are really awesome 。 i have never owned an Aro before but very happy I chose this one。 I feed mine Hikari pellets and the seldom feeder but the last month or so he has had no desire for live just pellet and bloodworms which is better for him anyhow。 Mine is now pushing 9 inch I`d say, he has never jumped and my tank is a 200 gallon so he will be good in there for quite sometime yet, 60 inch by 30 wide lol What are you keeping now Diablored ?
I have just the lone aro from dreamfish now。 He is in a 125。 I will have to get a bigger tank for him in the next year or so。 Trying to time it with my new house so I can really upgrade。 I would really like a 420 gallon or bigger so I can try a community
Wow that would be awesome I am in the same boat cant wait to get a house here in the spring hopefully so I can get a big monster oh the dream huh ? lol
Well my main issue is door size and my basement makes it impossible to get a large tank downstairs。 New house has walk out basement and double doors will be able to put any tank down there
great fish and nice tank! I have 2 FX5 running in my 180G tank but my tank water definitely not as clean as yours!
Well thanks i guess, jeers 2 FX5`s that crazy filtration lol。 Mine does pretty good with one on there lol。
Yeah your right tho more the better lol。 I had 2 filters on when I bought my first rays。 They ended up dieting because I chose Teacups as my first and they were very malnourished and and did not make it past a month。 May try a better spices sometime in the future

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In the video I posted above it shows how I have setup my tank and its flow to accommodate the Aro

I just noticed you have channa!! Looks beautiful in the tank! Can channa be a good tankmate with aro。









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